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About the Chairman

From the one peso bill he faithfully kept as a young man inscribed with lofty dreams "may this one peso turn into millions", Laus Group of Companies Chairman and CEO, Liberato "Levy" P. Laus has indeed come a long way. From the public market of San Fernando in the province of Pampanga, he still is actively pursuing his dream of transforming and bringing progress to the countryside. 

For LPL, as he is called today, his growing conglomerate is the product of a steady evolution of fulfilling that dream, a process that began way back in 1978, the year he boldly decided to leave his corporate job as a bank manager and become an entrepreneur at the age of 28. Levy took the challenge and the risk to remain in his hometown of San Fernando. What was started then a small car dealership with 3 car displays funded with 100 thousand peso capital is now the Laus Group of Companies, a conglomerate with more than 60 businesses engaged in automotive dealerships, car care and supplies, non-life insurance, media, food, real estate among others.

3 decades later and counting, Levy P. Laus continues to define and change the landscape of countryside business. The Laus Group of Companies now has become a steady driving force in the economy primarily of provinces in Central and Northern Luzon in the Philippines.