Haima S5 Won the Award “Annual Urban SUV of 2015 for Super Automobiles”

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA―The new smart SUV Haima S5 won the “Annual Urban SUV for SuperAutomobiles” recently. The award was presented by The Beijing News’ 11th Super Auto Prize Presenting Ceremony during the opening of Guangzhou International Auto Show in China.

The new Haima S5 was voted for “Super Automobiles” based on its degree of popularity and booming sale condition. This award represents as the best of the best in the industry spearheaded by The Beijing News for a decade now. The super auto show slogan is “Super auto, I am the master”. Thus, they give value to car lovers’ enthusiasm and also to create a public opinion center in selecting the excellent products of the year.

Haima S5 is branded for its elegant style, intelligence on modern controls and knobs, comfort and ease while driving on blazing trails, handling and performance, and lastly it offers international safety standards. It only shows that the new Haima S5 has met the complex demand for standards of the consumers that is why it stands out among others.

Haima has been one of the fastest growing Chinese brands in the Philippines because of its value for money in the market but quality guaranteed and not to mention its environment-friendly engines plus the European-designed touch. With all its features; there is no doubt that the Haima S5 deserves the award for China’s “Annual Urban SUV of 2015 for Super Automobiles”.

For more information about the Haima S5 and other Haima vehicles, please visit Haima Cars Pampanga, San Fernando and Dau or call 0918-854-2472.

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